Hello world!

Anyone there?
I’m dipping my toe into the water here. I’m usually a very strong swimmer, but I’ve never been here before. I don’t know if the water is cold, if there are rip currents, or sharks waiting to take a bite out of me.
Oh screw it. I’m NOT a moderation kind of girl.

Ok. I’m in. Here I go. Just stand by with a life preserver for me if you don’t mind. Thanks.

How did I get here? I guess I can start with that. No wait. That actually has a back story. Which has an even bigger back story.
Going UNDER….
Let me start with THIS… I am NOT a writer. ( I heard that. I heard the muffled ” no shit” from the back row. Wiseass). Fine. I can’t write. Half the time I’m too distracted to even complete a coherent thought. I’m a mom to two incredible kids. The older one, ( we shall call her Nicole) is a smart, talented, compassionate 45 year old woman in a 9 year old’s body. The younger one is a funny, creative, charming little 4 year old in a 7 year old’s body. ( we shall call him Nicholas. Or Nick because I’m typing on an itouch with my thumb and shorter names are easier to type). Nick has a form of autism called PDD-NOS.
It is Nick and his diagnosis that opened up a whole new universe for me. He introduced me to the ferocious breast that lives inside of me. Hence my name ” Dragon Slayer Mama”. He is why I have spent hours online researching, looking for answers, finding yet more questions, and so on. He is also the reason I find myself doing what is most unnatural for me… blogging. I was on Facebook one day and the Autism Speaks web site highlighted a post by Diary of a Mom, also on WordPress. Her post was entitled Welcome to the Club. It hit me in such a deep dark place and I started reading her blog regularly. Then I started posting responses. And little by little, we became friends. Through this amazing lady, I had the opportunity to meet other amazing autism moms and they ALL fricken blog. Geez. Since I wanna play in the cool kid’s sandbox, I promised them I would give this blog thing a try. So that’s how I ended up HERE. Writing with ZERO knowledge about how to write. So here is my disclaimer:
My grammar will suck. My spelling will be far from perfect, and I’m too damn busy to be stressed about typos. My language will not be rated G and often not even PG. Safe to say I am a rated R kind of person. I don’t sugar coat, bull shit, or mince words. I say what I mean and mean what I say ( unless I change my mind) but hey- this is MY blog. My rantings. My crap. So I’m not a universal flavor but I’m also a kind, compassionate person and I never try intentionally to hurt anyone’s feelings. Ever. ( unless you hurt one of my tribe. Then mama will cut a bitch. Don’t test me. I didn’t just pick my name because it sounded catchy. I AM the dragon slayer mama. Don’t forget it).

So that is how I found my way to bloggersville. Be patient. None of this comes naturally to me. I’m happier pretending life is fabu and all is well. I have a feeling this is going to be quite a learning experience but I like to learn. I received such an incredible gift when that ripple from Diary of a Mom touched me in the pond. I’m a firm believer in paying it forward so now it’s my turn to toss that pebble into my own pond and try to put some positive out there. Of course I’m gonna jump right in the water with my pebble cause that’s how I roll.
You still have that life preserver, right?
Just checking.