Hello world!

Anyone there?
I’m dipping my toe into the water here. I’m usually a very strong swimmer, but I’ve never been here before. I don’t know if the water is cold, if there are rip currents, or sharks waiting to take a bite out of me.
Oh screw it. I’m NOT a moderation kind of girl.

Ok. I’m in. Here I go. Just stand by with a life preserver for me if you don’t mind. Thanks.

How did I get here? I guess I can start with that. No wait. That actually has a back story. Which has an even bigger back story.
Going UNDER….
Let me start with THIS… I am NOT a writer. ( I heard that. I heard the muffled ” no shit” from the back row. Wiseass). Fine. I can’t write. Half the time I’m too distracted to even complete a coherent thought. I’m a mom to two incredible kids. The older one, ( we shall call her Nicole) is a smart, talented, compassionate 45 year old woman in a 9 year old’s body. The younger one is a funny, creative, charming little 4 year old in a 7 year old’s body. ( we shall call him Nicholas. Or Nick because I’m typing on an itouch with my thumb and shorter names are easier to type). Nick has a form of autism called PDD-NOS.
It is Nick and his diagnosis that opened up a whole new universe for me. He introduced me to the ferocious breast that lives inside of me. Hence my name ” Dragon Slayer Mama”. He is why I have spent hours online researching, looking for answers, finding yet more questions, and so on. He is also the reason I find myself doing what is most unnatural for me… blogging. I was on Facebook one day and the Autism Speaks web site highlighted a post by Diary of a Mom, also on WordPress. Her post was entitled Welcome to the Club. It hit me in such a deep dark place and I started reading her blog regularly. Then I started posting responses. And little by little, we became friends. Through this amazing lady, I had the opportunity to meet other amazing autism moms and they ALL fricken blog. Geez. Since I wanna play in the cool kid’s sandbox, I promised them I would give this blog thing a try. So that’s how I ended up HERE. Writing with ZERO knowledge about how to write. So here is my disclaimer:
My grammar will suck. My spelling will be far from perfect, and I’m too damn busy to be stressed about typos. My language will not be rated G and often not even PG. Safe to say I am a rated R kind of person. I don’t sugar coat, bull shit, or mince words. I say what I mean and mean what I say ( unless I change my mind) but hey- this is MY blog. My rantings. My crap. So I’m not a universal flavor but I’m also a kind, compassionate person and I never try intentionally to hurt anyone’s feelings. Ever. ( unless you hurt one of my tribe. Then mama will cut a bitch. Don’t test me. I didn’t just pick my name because it sounded catchy. I AM the dragon slayer mama. Don’t forget it).

So that is how I found my way to bloggersville. Be patient. None of this comes naturally to me. I’m happier pretending life is fabu and all is well. I have a feeling this is going to be quite a learning experience but I like to learn. I received such an incredible gift when that ripple from Diary of a Mom touched me in the pond. I’m a firm believer in paying it forward so now it’s my turn to toss that pebble into my own pond and try to put some positive out there. Of course I’m gonna jump right in the water with my pebble cause that’s how I roll.
You still have that life preserver, right?
Just checking.


25 responses to “Hello world!

  1. Case in point of how clueless I am- all I meant to bold face type was the word ‘splash’. I spent 15 minutes trying to figure out how to edit it and obviously failed. In addition to being unfamiliar with writing, I’m also technically challenged.

  2. Oh yeah. The breast that lives inside me. Um. No. That was supposed to say BEAST. Go ahead. Laugh. But my disclaimer stands! And obviously I STILL haven’t figured out how to edit.
    We’ll just say this is part of the charm that is my blog. Yes. We are LYING. Go with it m’kay?

  3. As the husband of one who slays dragons, I must comment first to say how wonderfully written this first post is. Sure it’s rough and full of bravado…mixed with some humor and allot of sas and a pinch of brooklyn. But it’s also full of life and full of the underlying love a great mom has for her two kids who are damn lucky to have her. Though her struggle and fight is also my own for my kids future, she is the one who dons the shield and sword on her quest against that which affects my son. All I can say is, is that I shall forever be there by her side championing the woman I married, her cause and her unyielding devotion to the innocents we brought into this world. Watch our dragons of the world….you’ve got company.

    • um, jason? i kinda think i love you.

      you just secured yourself a lot of fans with those words, sir. jason beiber may have the tweens, but you’ve got the autism mamas.

      • Oh great. Now I’m gonna have to grease his ears to get his head out the door! LOL! Yeah…he is pretty cool. I have commissioned him to do an illustration for this blog. You will be REALLY impressed after that. Trust me.
        ( to Pook- now ya have NO choice. You have a fan club. Go find those pencils! )

  4. Hooooray! I’m SO glad you’re here. And the bold? Honey, I’d expect nothing less from you. I was surprised it wasn’t all in caps if I’m being honest.

    Not a soul out here gives a crap about your language, your font, your grammar or your typos, I assure you. Well, except for that one lady who happens to work as a copy editor, so fine, maybe there’s ONE. But honey, what we care about is YOU and we look forward to reading whatever you want to tell us, in whatever language you choose. We’ll just tell Jeneil to cover her ears.

    Go get em, Dragon Lady.

  5. For a first post from a non-writer, this rocked. No life preserver needed, you’re swimming just fine on your own.
    can’t wait to read each and every post.

  6. Congratulations on your new blog, Dragonslayermama! You are a woman with a voice, and it is, IMO, a coherent and important voice. Let the curse words fly as they may. You won’t offend me one bit. You are passionate and compassionate, and your life experiences are interesting – worthy of a blog, or a book, even. OK. Spoiler alert. I know you personally, so I know what I write is true.

    After coming home from a Board of Ed meeting that lasted until midnight last night, I can assure you I didn’t even notice the word “breast” until Jason pointed it out for me. Thanks, Jason! As for you, Dragonslayermama, don’t worry about typos with me. I very much look forward to reading your future posts. Carry on!

    • You are too sweet. Voice? Maybe. BIG MOUTH and NOT afraid to use it? Definitely!
      Eesh…midnight??? Hope it went the way you wanted it to. I’m guessing no but keep me posted. Please. ( and special favor??! Please keep this off of you- know- where. I wanna share my this with the peeps I choose and total strangers who don’t know the difference. I’m just saying it for my own benefit. I’m sure you wouldn’t say a peep).
      And for the record…. YOU are a far more worthy of the praise you granted me than I am! You are always on those front lines fighting on behalf of the rest of us! So… Thank YOU!

  7. Great first post! (and for the record–I am NOT a writer–it’s just a place to vent, spew, record and celebrate, AND connect with other autism parents)

    Love your husband’s comment!

  8. I will keep mum, mom. No need to let that be a thought in your head.

    We are all in this fight to help our children together, Dragonslayermama. We are all vital, and none of our voices are expendable. So keep on talking and keep on writing!

    Good grief, though. Dragonslayermama is a very long name to type. I’m not too keen on “DSM” as an acronym to reference you for all the obvious reasons (what are we up to now, DSM V?), so what do you recommend as an abbreviation?

  9. I’d suggest slayer…but that’s just cause I’m a semi old headbanger. I’d just like to thank the autism mamas out there for giving my lady the twinkle back in her smile. Your golden in my eyes for that alone.

  10. Welcome to the playground, baby! Can’t wait to read more about your journey and your family. And, your husband’s comment…sweet! He’s a keeper. 😉

  11. you had me at hello. so fantastic to read your words and your Cat Daddy (my name for the hub’s in our lives) is too cute for words. Jason thanks for sharing her with us:)

  12. Love it! Honestly did not catch the “Breast”.. Typo’s please!!! Curse, do whatever ever it takes. just keep the blog’s coming. I LOVE IT!!!!

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