To My Husband on Father’s Day

To My Dear Hubby,
It’s been almost a decade since we took our vows. The ‘for better, for worse’ ‘in sickness and in health’ – we had NO clue did we? While autism and my health issues have kicked our asses, you still remain my best friend and my rock. You are the yin to my yang and the comic relief when I need it the most. Our children are incredibly lucky to have you for a dad even if they think of you more as a playmate. (someone has to be the good cop, right?).
Knowing you are always there to be my backup has given me strength I didn’t know I possessed. I wish you a joyous and relaxing Father’s Day because I know of nobody who deserves it more. I adore you Pook!


4 responses to “To My Husband on Father’s Day

  1. Baby…being a dad to our kids and being your rock is the best gig in town. Where else do I see our daughter grow into this wonderful person with more kindness then the oldest of souls. Where else do I see our son triumph because of your tireless efforts, being a super mom (with cape, high boots and invisible plane…and lasso) and see his love of building things and space litteraly take off. And where else would I have a never-ending romance, with you, that will always remind me of the ending to “When Harry Met Sally” when the couples are telling how they met… their lives changed when two became one. I love you all….and having you all is the only fathers day gift I need.

  2. Happy, happy Father’s Day to a great guy. I’m glad to know you. 🙂 And, um, could I send my husband to you for some coaching on romantic replies? *swoon*

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