My Baby Turns Eight Today!


Eight years ago today, my sweet baby boy graced our lives. It’s been a crazy, tumultuous ride from the first breaths he took in this world, but I would walk through fire for him again and again. He is the most joyful, sweet, and loving little guy you could ever meet. Everyone he encounters is granted a hug, a kiss, or a big smile and a kind word. To know him is to love him. He’s my little joker, my ray of sunshine, and MY PRECIOUS SON.

To my cherished little man who is growing up far too quick for my preference- I love you. I live and breathe for you. I will slay your dragons until my dying breath.

I am blessed and proud to be your mama. Today and for always. Happy birthday my love. May life always treat you gently.


2 responses to “My Baby Turns Eight Today!

  1. Dear boy. I love you. I remember you falling asleep on my lap…soothing you in the rocking chair. Watching movies with you incased in my arms. Playing in the playground and hearing you shout…”i can swing by myself” with joy. So many wonderful memories of us as a family together. There will never be an “us” without you my son. You make the circle complete. I love you. Happy Birthday. D

  2. Wishing your beautiful boy and his fabulous family a day of celebrating all the joy, mayhem and love he brings to your lives. I am so glad to know him. Kiss him for me. xo

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