Fewer things make me happier than seeing my children overcome their fears. My beautiful girl had her very first figure skating lesson this past Sunday. We had planned to send her for lessons last year but well, the money thing tends to be an ongoing issue in this house and it unfortunately it needed to be placed on hold. It was actually a blessing in disguise though. A year ago I highly doubt she would have ever let go of the wall. This year – THIS! She even convinced me to don my skates and take to the ice after two decades of avoiding it.
There were several stumbles (her) and squeals of fear (me) and lots and lots of laughter (both of us). It was so much fun and seeing my girl face her fears head on was nothing short of magical for me. I’m not a fan of living with phobias. I challenge them head on. It’s important to me to not be afraid of anything so seeing my daughter adopt that philosophy fills me with such enormous pride.
Look at her go! Fearlessly skating right into the center of the rink. That’s MY girl and I couldn’t be prouder!


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